The night sky over Poland was lit up by the brightest car in years. See him in action


There is something to admire.

We can rarely see such phenomena in Poland. On Sunday, at 4:02 at night, the sky could be observed a flash of extremely bright car. Fortunately, some people managed to record it on video materials. Definitely worth seeing.

Wait a minute – but what exactly is a car? Well, in this way, meteors are bright enough (-4 to -10 magnitude). However, it so happens that the car that was noticed on Sunday can be superbolidem (from -10 to -20 magnitude). Its brightness exceeded that of the full moon (which is -12.71 magnitude). Something like that can be seen only once every few years.

Since the car was so bright, it means that a meteoroid (rock crumb) with at least 10 centimeters in diameter and over 100 grams of mass fell into the Earth's atmosphere over Poland. It is worth recalling that the meteor is, in turn, a glowing trace that a meteoroid flying in the Earth's atmosphere leaves behind.

Karol Wójcicki, astronomy promoter who ran the Facebook page "With the head in the stars" reported this flash. Although due to adverse weather conditions Polish car stations did not manage to record the phenomenon, the German AllSky camera was more lucky.

Shortly thereafter, it turned out that some Polish residents were able to record the carwho shared their content on Facebook.

The car that appeared over our country on Sunday was best visible from the areas of western Poland. As you can see in the materials below, the object first burned blue, then flared orange, then went out, which indicates its complete burnout in the atmosphere. People who have seen the phenomenon live, say that a few minutes after the flare sound reached them.

Source: With head in the stars