The new update of Windows 10 causes an avalanche of serious problems


Some computers have stopped working properly.

We have not written for a long time about problems related to the latest updates to Windows 10, despite the fact that Microsoft has recently released a lot of them. Unfortunately, the run of luck had to end sometime. In this case the culprit of the confusion is cumulative amendment KB4532695, which was supposed to fix many problems – including associated with the file explorer, but it has contributed to the creation of more serious ones.

People who use the KB4532695 patch released to the first Windows 10 users will report various failures on January 29 this year. One is complaining about general software performance issues, others on no soundand others on the unstable work of OSu and critical errorsthat lead to the display of blue screens of death (BSOD). It has not been so bad for a long time.

"As soon as I installed the latest update, I have a problem with the computer restarting forever. After starting the system, an error message appears, followed by an automatic restart. I reinstalled Windows 10 from the ISO image and I still have the same problems. I restored the data from a backup three weeks ago and still the same ", writes one of the Internet users on the Microsoft technical forum.

"My system just updated to version 1909 and tried to restart. The computer turned off and won't start. It doesn't respond to the power button at all! I can't access the BIOS or do anything. This update was a problem in all my computers, usually slowing down my computer or locking the screen. For the first time, I was unable to uninstall the update to regain the ability to use the computer. ", another one echoes. As you can see, the problems can be serious.

Of course, we have a solution for you, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by many Internet users from around the world. You'll deal with all of the above mistakes by uninstalling the KB4532695 patch. How to do it? Just go to the "Settings", "Update and security", "View update history" menu, then click "Uninstall updates" and select the appropriate item on the list.

Interestingly, reinstalled update doesn't seem to be a problem. Just in case, we recommend that everyone remove an already installed patch and upload it again.

PS problems with file explorer continue to occur …

Source: Microsoft Answers