The new update for Windows 10 "contains no errors"

windows 10 patches

But how is it without errors?

It looks like we're dealing with the first cumulative fix for the latest version of Windows 10 in a long time it contains absolutely no errors. This is what Microsoft says, which on the support pages does not inform about any known problems related to the update with the number KB4517389.

The Redmond giant released its monthly update on the second Tuesday of the month for all still supported versions of Windows 10. The patch received:

Windows 10 1903 – hotfix KB4517389 (Build 18362.418)
Windows 10 1809 – hotfix KB4519338 (Build 17763.805)
Windows 10 1803 – hotfix KB4520008 (Build 17134.1069)

What do the patches mentioned above introduce? First of all, they get rid of problems with printers that were reported by system users using previous patches. All patches also contain security updates.

Four bugs are known for the KB4519338 patch for Windows 10 version 1809. This does not mean, however, that the update breaks something – just, it does not fix previous stumbles of the Redmond giant. Things are similar with the KB4520008 patch for Windows 10 (1803) – nothing breaks, but it doesn't fix previously detected bugs.

Are we dealing with a really refined update? The next days will show.

Source: Softpedia