The new mobile Opera does not like cookies, but it likes video – you will like these improvements!


The new version of the Opera browser Android, which has just debuted, has been equipped with two interesting features: blocking of annoying messages and the option of comfortable watching videos while performing other activities.

If you associate the latter with something new, this is exactly one of the characteristic features of Opera on desktops, which allows you to transfer the playback clip to a smaller, more mobile window that is above other applications and windows. Thanks to this, you can work on something else or talk while listening to music, watching a music video or some vlog. Full freedom.

Picture in the image, that is, comfortable video viewing regardless of what we do

The Opera “for Android” version “marked with the number 50” now allows for this. We activate it after switching to the full screen in the video being played, and then pressing the home button. Then Opera will be closed, but the window with video will be displayed on top, which of course can also be closed or recalled full-screen mode by pressing on its contents.

Blocking messages about cookies

The second function is an extensive advertising blocker, which now also has to deal with messages regarding the use of cookies on websites.

In addition, Opera will also block any activity related to cryptocurrencies from now on. This can happen on your devices today, if you do not use the latest versions of the application and the system (security patches). And as we know, there are a lot of such situations.

You can of course find the new Opera on Android in the Google Play store, where you can download the 50 version equipped with the new features described above.