The new Microsoft browser will hit Windows 7! We know when

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Vivaldi also declares support.

Although Microsoft's official support for Windows 7 is ending today, this does not mean that other software producers will abandon this favorite system. Exactly four days ago Piotr informed you that Google Chrome will offer support for "seven" for another year and a half. It turns out that other browser makers, like Microsoft, are following a similar trail.

You will install Microsoft Edge Chromium for Windows 7 tomorrow

Microsoft representatives have announced that the new Microsoft Edge using the Chromium engine will go to Windows 7. This will happen tomorrow, January 15, and support for the application will last for another 18 months. Exactly the same amount of time support for this system offered in the Google Chrome browser. Until now, the official browser on the "seven" is the old Internet Explorer 11.

It is worth remembering that due to a change to a faster and more modern engine, Microsoft Edge Chromium will also appear on macOS and even on Linux. On computers with Windows 10 Edge, Chromium will appear due to updates, but on Windows 7 it will have to be installed manually – remember!

Vivaldi on Windows 7 for at least 18 months

Vivaldi also announced 18-month support for Windows 7 for its web browser. Representatives of this company said that they will provide updates for their application "at least until July 2021". Although the user base of this solution is not large, but I think Vivaldi works great on older computers and it's definitely worth a try.


You should know that Vivaldi has recently been using the Chrome user agent, which makes it recognized by websites as Google Chrome. This increases its compatibility with many modern solutions.