The name of the Wi-Fi network led to the evacuation of the aircraft. The joker will bear the consequences

funny wifi network names

High price of refuse.

Many people set playful Wi-Fi network names on their smartphones. "I hear you having sex" and "CBA observation car number 37" are just the beginning of a long list of popular and more or less creative passwords typed in the appropriate device settings field. While every day it is completely harmless, in some situations it can cause considerable trouble. The passengers of the American airlines Delta, who wanted to travel from Detroit airport, found out about it.

One of the passengers on the flight decided to set the name of the wireless network he shared as "Remote detonator" (from remote detonator). Thanks to tethering, his travel companion joined her. If the passengers mentioned followed the crew's request and switched their devices to airplane mode, excluding Wi-Fi, the controversial name of the network would probably have escaped the attention of the crew. The joke was apparently that Wi-Fi was visible.

Despite the requests of the crew directed to the general passengers who have not yet switched devices in the appropriate mode, the duo responsible for "trick" did not turn off Wi-Fi. Shortly afterwards, the plane on the tarmac was surrounded by police units, and ambulances arrived. Sounds incredible, right? One of the passengers recorded the situation from the inside of the plane.

The perpetrators of the confusion turned out to be 31-year-old man and 42-year-old womanwho were removed by force from an aircraft. Before identifying them, the services spent 3 hours scouring the deck of the machine. Eventually, the plane flew to Montreal with a trifle, 5 hours delay.

Two unruly passengers will probably be charged, and the appropriate authorities will charge them both the costs of the action and the costs arising from the considerable delay of the flight. I wonder if jesters say "it was worth it".