The most cost-effective smartphones from different price ranges – see the ranking

the most efficient smartphones

The most efficient in its class.

There are several different criteria that guide us when purchasing smartphones. The quality of photos from the main camera, battery life, quality of workmanship – you can list a lot of them. However, it is hard to resist the belief that many people are simply looking for the most efficient devices for the least money. It is with them in mind that AnTuTu has created a list of the most efficient smartphones that can be bought at various price levels.

Looking at the ranking below, remember that the prices from Chinese stores are taken into account, which we have converted into usd for your convenience. The performance / price ratio was taken into account when calculating ranking positions. The ranking may prove useful for you while hunting for Single Day discounts. The biggest discounts in Chinese stores fall on November 11.

The most efficient smartphones up to usd 800 (up to 1449 yuan)

Meizu 16th with 6 GB RAM, the flagship with Snapdragon 845 from 2018, has the best price-performance ratio. The second place went to Meizu X8 with 4 GB of RAM, followed by Honor 9X. The short summary closes Redmi Note 8 Pro with 4 GB of RAM.

The most efficient smartphones 1

The most efficient smartphones for 800 – 1100 zlotys (up to 1999 yuan)

In this price class, the best choice is Lenovo Z6 Pro with Snapdragon 855 and 8 GB of RAM. Behind him is Vivo iQOO with 6 GB of RAM and Honor V20 with 6 GB of RAM. In this price class – surprisingly – the Xiaomi CC9 with 6 GB of RAM turned out to be the least profitable of the equipment considered.

The most efficient smartphones 2

The most efficient smartphones for 1100 – 1650 usd (up to 2999 yuan)

Surprise? Not at all. Redmi K20 Pro with 8 GB of RAM reigns in this price range, with Meizu 16s on its heels with 6 GB of RAM and Nubia Red Magic 3 with 8 GB of RAM. All smartphones use Snapdragon 855. The least profitable is the gaming Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro.

The most efficient smartphones 3

The most efficient smartphones above usd 1650 (above 3000 yuan)

OnePlus 7T with 8 GB RAM dominates the top price shelf, followed by ASUS ROG Phone 2 with 8 GB RAM and Vivo IQOO Pro with 8 GB RAM. All equipment uses Snapdargon 855+, but OP7T has a 90 Hz screen and ROG Phone 2 – 120 Hz.

The most efficient smartphones 4

Of course, not all of these devices are available on the global market. Fortunately, many of them can be easily bought in Chinese electronics stores.

Source: AnTuTu