The man shed 63 kilos while playing the game. No, not on the computer

he shed 63 kilos pokemon him

A beautiful change.

Life writes really unusual scenarios. As a rule, the time spent playing computer games most people associate with hours of sitting in front of the monitor or TV. Nothing unusual. There are many benefits of virtual entertainment, but they are not associated with making your body healthier. Some mobile games are different. The story of Tommy Monkhouse shows that a side effect of playing Pokémon GO and similar productions can be substantial weight loss.

A student who is a lover "pocket creatures" installed the game at the suggestion of a friend over a year ago. Earlier he was a person who avoided contact with others, who spent most of his time at home. His mental condition was then poor. It was Pokémon GO that prompted him to walk. Monkhouse states that during the year of intense playing in Pokémon GO he managed to lose exactly 63.5 kilograms, which changed his life on many levels. The man says that with the loss of unnecessary weight he regained the joy of life, he wanted to talk to others again and spend more time away from home, also without a smartphone in his hands.

I remind you that the Pokémon GO assumptions, like similar exploration games – for example Minecraft Earth – require the user to walk around the area to visit specific points on the virtual map. Pokemons can be caught, collected items or fights in special arenas. The world map of the game coincides with the real world map.

Monkhouse says his "Walks" they lasted up to 3 hours. He said that he was never able to force himself to do physical activity at the gym, or run, which he was not allowed by the high weight.

Tommy's story was decided to familiarize other Pokémon GO developer Niantic. It was presented in a short documentary, which I recommend watching you. It doesn't matter if you play Pokémon GO or similar games. Perhaps it will be for you a motivational injection that will change something in your life. For the better.

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