The latest Google algorithms will take you to the world of fashion and dance


There is nothing like artificial intelligence.

Admittedly, Google already has a lot of experience in the field of artificial intelligence. This company presented artificial intelligence that they could detect advanced breast cancer. create your own encryption algorithm. play Go, whether chess at the highest world level. book airline tickets, estimate do you sing like Freddy Mercury, and much much more. Now two more Google experiments from the world of AI have seen the light of day.

The first of the experiments is Runway Palette, which, as the name suggests, is related to the fashion world. This tool allows you to view the stylization of almost 1000 different fashion designers, sorted by their colors.

Google created the Runway Palette in collaboration with the Business of Fashion website. This one has a collection of over 140,000 photos from around 4,000 fashion showswhich Google's machine learning algorithm sorted according to the colors of the clothes seen in the photographs.

The second latest Google experiment is Living Archive. It is a tool that dance lovers will love. Like the Runway Palette, it is a huge archive, but not photos of fashion stylizations, but almost half a million dance poses of a well-known British choreographer – Wayne McGregor. This tool can be used to capture your own poses or create your own dance arrangements. McGregor's studio reportedly used it to prepare for one of the performances.

Best of all, both Google experiments can be tried. The Arts and Culture app allows this, which is available in both web versionas well as for download on Android systems and iOS. click hereto go to the Runway Palette tool. Living Archive was placed under this link.

The archive presented in the Runaway Palette can be visited in two ways. Either by clicking on one of the tiles created by Google, or by uploading your own photo to the system. If you reach for the second option, artificial intelligence will find in the archive styling photos that resemble those seen in your photo.

runway palette 2

Navigating the Living Archive tool is equally interesting. You can add additional poses to the layout you create by clicking on the drawings that are characteristically accumulated on the screen. If you can't find among them, register your own pose by clicking on the camera icon.

Source: Google