The impossible becomes a fact. Facebook Gaming is slowly biting Twitch


A significant increase in the popularity of Facebook.

Belonging to Amazon, Twitch has been an absolute leader in the game streaming industry for years. Suffice it to say that in 2018 Twitch could boast a market share of 67.1%, while the second in the quarterly ranking created by StreamElements YouTube Gaming enjoyed a share of 27.5%. Perhaps Microsoft brought big names to the Mixer platform in 2019 (including Ninja), but Facebook Gaming is gaining popularity.

The latest report from the 4th quarter of 2019 shows that market shares have changed a lot. Although the top of the list remains unchanged, a huge increase belongs to the streaming service belonging to Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook Gaming had a 3.1% market share at the end of 2018, but a year later it increased to 8.5%. The chart published by StreamElements clearly shows that Facebook engages users more than Twitch. Importantly, the list does not include non-gambling categories on Twitch.

facebook gaming vs twitch 1
Source: StreamElements

The increase in popularity of Facebook Gaming is due not so much to the avalanche of new users, but to the growing involvement. Users of the popular social networking site finally began to notice an increasingly promoted section presenting broadcasts from various games. The time spent watching broadcasts increased, but the number of broadcasts created by online celebrities also increased.

facebook gaming vs twitch 2
Source: StreamElements

Twitch changes its image a bit thanks to the section "Just Chatting"that enjoys better viewership than any game. Twitch viewers spent a total of 80,904,993 hours in December 2019, admiring mostly "pretty ladies". The most popular game, League of Legends, enjoyed viewership at 74 143 246 hours.

facebook gaming vs twitch 3
Source: StreamElements

Looking at the above data, several conclusions can be drawn. First of all, Microsoft "burns" its money to celebrities that do not bring the expected increase in engagement, or millions of new users. N1nja and Shroud are definitely not enough. 0.6% increase at the expense of pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into business? I do not know. I also think that if nothing great happens, this year Facebook Gaming will record even greater growth. After all, almost everyone has Facebook, and it's a matter of time before more people get used to tracking their favorite streamers and e-athletes right here.

Do you use any of the above platforms?

Source: StreamElements