The head of Amazon supported Australia with an amount that upset the Internet users


The billionaire's gesture was laughed at.

Jeff Bezos, head of Amazon, is currently the richest man in the world. Bezos's assets are estimated at over USD 116 billion, with Amazon currently worth up to USD 930 billion. In the light of these facts, no one was particularly surprised when the entrepreneur declared the transfer of financial support to Australia, which is recently struggling with huge fires. Almost everyone was surprised by the amount of support.

Jeff Bezos decided to hand over to the Australian Government 690 thousand US dollars in order to partially compensate for the losses and support the fight against the element that consumed the lives of over a billion animals and contributed to the burning of an area of ​​8 million hectares (for comparison, the area of ​​Poland is about 31 million hectares). Commentators reacted quickly saying that it is "a funny amount". One journalist calculated that this amount is equivalent to the transfer of 29 cents by a person with assets of USD 50,000.

Internet users are competing in calculations, trying to prove … avarice donors. The American Business Insider reports that Bezos's assets are growing by approximately $ 149 thousand in every minute. The amount of support is equivalent to 4.5 minutes of work.

Critics remind youthat Leonardo DiCaprio, with assets estimated at USD 260 million, announced the transfer of approximately USD 3 million to support. Elton John and Kylie Jenner want to donate $ 1 million. Other artists, much poorer than Bezos – Nicole Kidman, Pink and Nick Cave, declare support of $ 500,000.

In this whole festival of hatred directed towards Bezos everyone – both Internet users and journalists – they forgetthat the billionaire could donate exactly $ 0 to a noble cause. Charity is nobody's responsibility, regardless of earnings. The fact that someone has a large fortune does not mean, however, that you must share it with others under duress. I wonder if all the critics of Bezos, who so eagerly point out his greed, jointly paid an amount of even close to $ 690 thousand for this purpose.

The fact is that Amazon's activity leaves a colossal carbon footprint, the largest movie in the technology industry and a few hundred thousand dollars in donations, certainly won't make anyone forget about it. Despite this, it should be remembered that by 2030 the company declared supplying its entire infrastructure with energy obtained from renewable sources.