The Halle Massacre in Germany was broadcast on Twitch. The video is still online

Halle shooting

An annoying sign of the times …

If you have followed today's news services, your eyes and ears have certainly not escaped reports of bloody incidents in Germany. It turned out that the shooting took place in the town of Halle, which resulted in the death of 2 people, was broadcast live by criminals on Twitch.

"We are sad and terrified of the tragedy that took place today in Germany and we express our condolences to all those close relatives have suffered", said the Twitch representative. "Our website does not tolerate content containing hatred and violence and we take any such violation of the regulations extremely seriously. We have immediately removed the recording and suspended the accounts that were responsible for its publication or further distribution."

The recording published on Twitch, which it presented anti-Semitic crime is 35 minutes long No major problem they can still be found online, even on 4Chana, but for obvious reasons we won't link it. The material begins with a shot in which the bomber parks his car near the synagogue and shoots a woman, then attempts to enter the building. When this fails, he shoots at another person, and then goes to the kebab selling point, where he kills a young man. The video managed to "pass on" many groups of white supremacists on the Telegram.

After Halle, another after Christchurch shooting massacre published this year on social media.

Source: CNBC