The GTA V mod will take you straight to Vice City. Download – it's worth it

Vice Cry Remastered

Spell memories

Years go by, and players still remember Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which premiered in … 2002! Why is this title wrapped in "internet" so much worship? It is simple: Vice City reflected the spirit of the 80s in a great way last century and it was one of the few games at that time that was able to captivate with its gameplay. GTA: Vice City looks a bit archaic nowadays, but there is a way to return to this world and admire its visual setting.

After four years, a remastered version of the modification called Vice Cry was completed for the game Grand Theft Auto V. Mod Vice Cry: Remastered was created by lunchxbles moder in the form of easy-to-install DLC. It is by no means a cottage work, and the modification captivates with the standard of refining cars, building models or even their interiors.

Vice Cry Remastered 2

Unfortunately, there is no rose without thorns. While the fashion author managed to transfer the visual aspects of the Vice City world to GTA V, he unfortunately did not move to the new game of the missions known from the campaign. As a consolation, players have the opportunity to perform a handful of additional tasks, designed specifically for modification.

Mod Vice Cry: Remastered for Grand Theft Auto V download in this place. It also requires a fairly standard package of additional tools: Heapadjuster from FiveM, Scripthook V, Packfile Limit Adjuster and a trainer that is able to spawn cars. All installation instructions can be found at the link above.