The Google Chrome extension has stolen cryptocurrency. Check to see if you're not his victim


One user has lost a lot of money.

Over 60 thousand zlotys – calculated from the cryptocurrency Zcash, one of Google Chrome users lost so much money, who decided to install an extension called "Ledger Secure". It turns out that the extension contained malware that simply robbed the cryptocurrency owner in the world.

It is not clear how the extension, which was to serve as a cryptocurrency wallet inside Google Chrome, bypassed the browser filters and was made available for download. As reported by the Decrypt website, the plug-in reportedly scanned the device on which it was installed and sent the so-called seed phrase, i.e. the private key to the victim's wallet, the author of the extension, enabling the theft of cryptocurrency.

Ledger, i.e. a manufacturer of hardware cryptocurrency wallets, has nothing to do with the mysterious enlargement. Its author intentionally used its name to lure potential victims. The creator of the extension even founded on Twitter accountwhich is to suggest that "Ledger Secure" is the official Ledger plugin. The company itself on its Twitter denies this, warning against the extension and urging to use the "Report abuse" option in the Chrome Web Store.

"Malware detected as a Google Chrome extension. This is not a Ledger application. Don't use it and contact us if you installed it. ", we read on Twitter.

Fortunately, Google has already removed the extension from its store. It is not known how many people became its victim, except for the mentioned user who lost over 60 thousand zlotys.

If you used this plugin and you have a cryptocurrency wallet, check its contents. In case of theft experience, contact Ledger using this form.

Source: Softpedia