The Google calculator has been downloaded from the Play Store 500 million times. An important milestone

Google calculator 1


Some people may associate Google Calculator as a pre-installed smartphone application. A large number of users, however, must download the program from the Play Store by themselves, which is probably not so obvious. Most of us usually use the calculator pre-loaded on the device's memory.

Google Calculator is not an outstanding application and does not introduce any revolution. It is only a transparent alternative to other services of this type. And it comes from the giant from Mountain View – for many consumers, the brand is a decisive element when choosing various programs.

calculator 500 1

Last January, Google Calculator crossed the download threshold of 100 million. Some time has passed, and the group can celebrate the next milestone. The tool from Google has already been found on 500 million devices, which is a truly impressive result.

What else distinguishes Google Calendar? First of all, the lack of any advertising or monetization of the service. It may seem a bit strange advantage, but yes – a significant part of the calculators available in the Play Store may irritate the ubiquitous spots.

Source: Android Police