The German government will pay dearly for extended security updates for Windows 7

2020-01-22 125457

Expensive security.

Business newspaper Handelsblatt informs that the German Federal Ministry wants to secure at least 33,000 computers with Windows 7, which involves paying Microsoft for extended security updates.

Microsoft ended Windows 7 midway through this month, but millions of computers in companies, government agencies, and home users are still powering this ancient operating system. The Redmond giant will no longer release public updates and security patches for "seven", but companies that have not migrated to Windows 10 on time can purchase Extended Security Updates (ESU). The German government wants to use this gate.

The extended updates for Windows 7 Enterprise, used by most major companies, cost around $ 25 per computer, and the cost will rise to $ 50 in 2021. A year later, support is expected to be even more expensive ($ 100 per computer). Even worse is the users of Windows 7 Pro, used in smaller companies, the cost of ESU starts from 50 USD per machine. These costs may vary depending on the number of computers used in the company.

The German government is upgrading machines to Windows 10, but all computers could not be upgraded on time. Handelsblatt reports that 20,000 of the 85,000 machines in Berlin's government offices are still using Windows 7. The cost of upgrading can even be as high as 800,000 EURO per year.

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