The free mod adds 70 missions to GTA V – another on the way

gta V mod 70 missions

Modification already in our file database.

Grand Theft Auto V is one of those games that even after years of premiere taste perfectly. The timeless work of Rockstar Games has grown dignified and mainly due to the Online mode and numerous promotions, millions of people around the world are still playing them. If you're looking for a reason to go back to playing in single player mode, then moderate with nickname alebal gave you a great argument for that.

A modification for GTA V has appeared in the network, which adds up to 70 different missions to the single player mode. A lot of content is waiting for players, among which there will be no search for any "doubles". The talented modder promises that the next missions "are on their way". A foretaste of emotions is provided by the published trailer.

To run this modification you will need the Mission Maker tool, which you can download from our file base. Some of the missions also require a mod installation Open All Interiorsand mission 44 needs a fashion called Travel to North Yankton. Installation of these is optional, but … it's worth it.

Of course, you can't do without the program program, i.e. the GTA 5 – 70 new missions package, which you can download from our website at this address. After downloading the file to disk, extract its contents and copy to the GTA5 root folder, making sure to back up the data stored there.

Have fun!

Source: PCGamer