The foldable Huawei Mate X will debut in China in a month. When will the premiere in Europe?

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Your smartphone will be a success?

Huawei Mate X was to be a serious competition for Samsung Galaxy Fold. Chinese manufacturer's problems with the US authorities, however, put the global premiere of the folded smartphone under a huge question mark. Consumers from the Middle Kingdom are lucky in this respect, because they do not have to worry about "our" troubles.

As it turns out – Huawei Mate X will debut in China on November 15. The price of the smartphone on the day of release will be around $ 2,400so we're talking about horrendously expensive equipment. Experimental projects have their own rules and we will probably not see a "cheap" futuristic phone on the market for the next few years.

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What's inside Huawei Mate X? Primarily 8-core HiSilicon Kirin 980 or 990 processor driven by 8 GB of RAM memory. Users will receive 512 GB of data space.

It is not known if the rest of the world will receive the opportunity to buy Huawei Mate X. The manufacturer is currently investigating this possibility, but given the tense situation between China and the US, everything should be put in double quotes – preferably double.

Source: Engadget