The fight for overpriced televisions for usd 130. Customers blocked the store

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Oh, it happened like on the Xiaomi promotion.

How some sales end, we could see with our own eyes by the way Xiaomi last sale in Warsaw. However, this promotion was deliberate and simply disastrously organized. The same cannot be said for the situation in one of the French supermarkets, where TV sets were mistakenly discounted from EUR 399 to EUR 30.99 (approx. usd 130).

Many promotion participants will remember the situation with Géant Casino in Montpellier in France for the rest of their lives. On Wednesday, the store experienced a real storm on the part of consumers, who, throwing themselves on discounted TV sets, trampled each other, and then went to the cash registers with the loot, which they … blocked. Store employees refused to sell the goods explaining the mistake. In response, consumers decided to occupy the market, and the police were called in.

Some customers did not limit themselves to taking one TV from the shelves, and tried to put up to 5 devices in their baskets. As you can see, this type of sales arouses animal instincts and the flair of "Business Janissaries" not only in Poles. The situation from France is perfectly illustrated by photos published on Twitter.

Eventually, customers left the store empty-handed, an hour after it was scheduled to close. Cashiers had the right to refuse the sale, because according to the letter of French law there was an "obvious mistake". I remind you that a similar "obvious mistake" has recently been tried to cover up the Polish distributor NTT Systems by the way OnePlus smartphone sale organized on the occasion of Black Friday. Ultimately, however, the goods were sent to Polish consumers.

Source: ViaOccitanie