The FBI hacked the iPhone 11 Pro Max – a great breakthrough

FBI has hacked an iphone

You don't need Apple help anymore?

US President Donald Trump appealed yesterday, so that Apple, for the sake of the United States, would make it easier for services to access blocked iPhone belonging to criminals. It seems that American law enforcement agencies will do without the help of the Cupertino giant. Forbes reports that the FBI managed to crack the security of the iPhone 11 Pro Max using special tools. This is the first such case.

iPhone 11 Pro Max is the most expensive of the latest Apple flagships, which is also considered to be the best-protected equipment through appropriate encryption. Although the FBI did not confirm that the equipment belonging to Baris Ali Koch was unlocked using the tools of an external company, the lawyer of the owner of the device confirmed that his client never shared the password with anyone, so it was not possible to simply unlock the device.

If The FBI managed to break the security of the best secured on iPhones, getting access to other smartphones from this manufacturer should be easy. It is difficult to say that it was some kind of Apple image slip-up – quite the opposite. Until the very end, the company did not agree to cooperate with law enforcement authorities by hacking the devices it sold, despite having the appropriate tools to enable it.

Of course, cooperation from Apple would significantly reduce the time that the FBI will now devote to breaking the security of subsequent devices. There are still two iPhone 7 smartphones in the queue to hack belonging to the perpetrator of the massacre at the US military base Pensacola. These can be unlocked with hardware solutions like GrayKey, but it will take time.

Do you think Apple should cooperate with the FBI the way the FBI wants it and unlock the smartphones of its consumers accused of committing serious crimes?