The Facebook mobile app interface has been rebuilt again. It looks … weird

facebook design 2

What do you think?

I remember that in one of the entries I mentioned about an attempt to slowly leave Facebook from the blue color. In fact, over the past year, the platform has undergone a significant metamorphosis, becoming modern and … white. Everything seems to indicate that Mark Zuckerberg has changed his mind, however. Get ready to go back to colors.

The members of the Android Police editorial team have noticed the redesigned interface of the Facebook mobile application. We are not talking about minor changes here, but reversing the current look upside down. Anyway … see for yourself.

All menu items have been clearly separated and enlarged. The background has also changed from white to a colorful gradient. It is also worth paying attention to the new navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. This one has a Facebook icon in the middle and the ability to go to the application's home page and notification section.

facebook design 1

The upper part of the interface has also changed. The "Profile" tab has been replaced by a profile photo icon and our data. This treatment is surprising because it applies only to the Menu tab. Other elements of the program did not undergo any metamorphosis. Of course, this may mean that we are dealing with early interface design tests.

The Facebook idea is already collecting extreme opinions. Under the source article we can find numerous comments ridiculing the new vision of the mobile application, as well as entries full of interest and uncritical approach to Marek Zuckerberg's treatments. For now, everything is taking place only in the sphere of speculation – it is not known if (and when) the redesigned interface will be implemented publicly.

Source: Android Police