The FaceApp aging application has its successor. The internet went crazy about him


Even better fun.

Remember yet FaceApp app? Currently, hardly anyone talks about her, but a few months ago it was quite loud about her, and not only because of it celebrities. It is an application that, with the help of artificial intelligence, allows you to even apply an aging filter to your photos. Now the application, which in terms of the possibilities offered, is a bit like it is gaining huge popularity. Her name is Gradient.

How does Gradient work? It is an application that is primarily used to edit photos, but at the same time offers the Who’s Your Twin function, which on the basis of your photo shows what celebrity you look like. Due to this function, as well as due to many influencers, screenshots from the application have flooded social networks over the past few days.

Using the Who’s Your Twin feature is as easy as using the FaceApp application. All you have to do is take a selfie, turn on the gradient application, go to the mentioned function, choose the photo you just took and voila – you already know what a famous person you remind. You can even share the result on Instagram or download and place it on any other social networking site.

It should be noted that the effects of matching faces to celebrity faces vary depending on the selected photo. Sometimes they make sense, sometimes they are just stupid. Still, the app has over a million downloads.

Is using the Gradient application safe? Fortunately, unlike FaceApp, this app does not take ownership of your photos, but also reserves that it receives a license from users to use these photos to provide its services that are the subject of its privacy policy. Regardless of what the company responsible for Gradient means by this, it is better to approach all such applications with the appropriate precaution. Some are concerned that the company – Ticket to the Moon Inc. (which is basically unknown) shares the address with the Chinese investing company – Meihua Capital Partners.

If you intend to download Gradient to an Android device, you can do it via our application base. An iOS version is available at this address.

Source: Gizmodo