The extremely rare "Nintendo PlayStation" will hit the auction. The price will be staggering

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Someone willing?

Not everyone probably knows, but in the early 90s of the last century there was an unusual cooperation between Nintendo and Sony. The companies were to create a joint console with a CD drive (also having a cartridge slot) based on Super Nintendo. There was a misunderstanding between the giants, which resulted in the termination of the contract. However, about 200 prototypes of the "revolutionary" device were produced.

As it turns out, soon one of these white crows will go on public auction. There has never been an opportunity to bid on an extremely rare console "Nintendo PlayStation". The event will continue from March 5 to March 7, 2020. The online auction will start a little earlier, February 14.

01 Nintendo Play Station Prototype Sony and Nintendo c. 1990s

Terry Diebold – equipment owner – bought the console in a "blind auction". It was carried out by the bankrupt company in which he worked then. You can't hide that the American was lucky. Until now, the man did not part with the device – he proudly showed them at various conventions and events for players. In the end he decided to turn a piece of electronics into millions of dollars.

Recently, he received an offer from a collector from Norway, who offered him to buy a console from him for $ 1.2 million. The American rejected the proposal and believes that "Nintendo PlayStation" is worth more. I wonder how long the device will be sold – we won't let you know about it in March next year.

Source: Polygon