The European Commission will look at Apple Pay and NFC's controversial practices

Apple pay controversy


The European Commission intends to look into the Apple Pay payment system and examine whether the Cupertino giant is not committing illegal monopoly practices. While Android smartphone users can use any payment system with a smartphone with this system and the NFC module, Apple customers are in a way doomed to the solution of this manufacturer.

The Commission has asked payment service providers, banks and application developers asking if they think Apple is trying to favor its solution over those of its competitors. Interestingly, Apple is also pending against the European Union by Spotify Technology SA to discriminate against a popular solution on Apple devices.

The head of the antitrust committee Margrethe Vestager admitted that Apple has been in focus since last year. The European Commission does not like to limit the use of the NFC chip in iPhone smartphones. App developers still can't create their own iOS payment tools.

Apple has not commented on the matter. Perhaps the giant will go to the Commission's hand and want to allow the developers to use the chip.

Source: Bloomberg