The store fell victim to a hacker attack. Customer data has been stolen

The store fell victim to a hacker attack

Customers have a problem.

Online shop specializing in smartphone accessories, said on On January 26, 2020, he fell victim to a hacker attack. By breaking the existing security, an unauthorized person gained access to the server and copied a database containing order history and personal data of customers.

The store informs that after detecting a violation, additional safeguards were immediately implemented to prevent a similar attack in the future. It has also been reported that the incident is the result of a well-planned, very advanced and intentional hacker attack. The case was reported to the Department for combating Cybercrime at the Provincial Police Headquarters in Poznań and to the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.

The store fell victim to a hacker attack

What data has leaked? Unfortunately, hackers have obtained a complete set of customer information:

– first name and last name
– company name (if provided)
– NIP (if provided)
– address (street, house number, zip code, city, country)
– phone number
– email
– password to the customer's account in the etuo store in encrypted form

The store warns that customers whose data has been leaked must take into account the possibility of receiving unwanted emails or phone calls. There is also a risk that despite encrypting login data, unauthorized persons after breaking the encryption code will gain access to this data, and thus will know the password to the account in the store.

People who had an account in the store should immediately change the password for other services if it was used in many places.