The Endless Space Collection for free is the perfect proposition for this weekend

Endless Space Collection for free

Free games are always cool.

Friday, Friday, Friday. Today, the weekend is "landing" and if you love computer games, we have an interesting proposition for you to spend Saturday, Sunday, but in perspective at least a few other days or even long evenings. What do you say on free Endless Space games package in the platform version Steam? You will receive the Endless Space Collection for several hours for free and keep it in your collection forever.

Endless Space Collection is a 4X turn-based strategy set in science-fiction climates. The warmly received production of Amplitude studio allows you to take control of one of eight civilizations and dominate the others on the path of space conquests. Randomly generated maps allow you to demonstrate not only in the field of spectacular space battles, but also in terms of diplomatic skills and economic knowledge.

The free Endless Space Collection includes the basic version of Endless Space and the Disharmony extension. Interestingly, both productions macOS users will also play.

The promotion related to games from the Endless Space series takes place in the popular Humble Store. The limited time offer is valid until September 14, until 19:00 Polish time. Don't you want to play now? You're welcome! At this point, however, go to this address, log in to your account (or create a new one), then click on the "Get the Game" banner, followed by "Get it know". The Steam code will be sent to your email.

endless space for free

Attention: you must assign the key to your Steam account by September 19 this year.

Have fun!