The cult series is back! AMD Athlon 3000G went on sale at a great price

AMD Athlon 3000G Polish price 2

It will be a sales hit.

AMD fans, enjoy. "Czerwoni" introduce for sale announced earlier processor AMD Athlon 3000G, which is a symbolic restart of the iconic processor series debuting on August 21, 1999. This system, as befits the Athlon series has a phenomenal price-performance ratio.

The price of an AMD Athlon 3000G processor is just $ 49. Let's hope that in Poland this will translate into a maximum amount 210-220 zlotys. This 2-core and 4-thread 3.5 GHz processor uses the AM4 platform and has a factor of TDP 35 W. Despite the low price, it has integrated a graphic system Radeon Vega 3. The processor also has a memory of 4 MB L3 memory and 1 MB L2. In addition, it is equipped with a DDR4-2667 memory controller.

What is amazing: AMD Athlon 3000G processor is unlocked, which allows you to increase its performance by overclocking.

Who should be interested in this processor? First of all, people who want to build a small computer for children, office desktop or multimedia. Low energy demand, good performance and simplicity of cooling should be its key advantages. Mini PCs have recently become fashionable and the new AMD processor should become a hit.

Source: AMD