The cost of replacing the screen is up to 50% of the smartphone's value. Check current prices from leading manufacturers

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We check how much it costs to repair top smartphones.

Probably many readers have experienced a similar situation: the phone unfortunately slips from his hands, falls to the floor and the screen breaks. First thoughts: how much will it cost to replace the screen? If you are curious about the expense you need to take into account when repairing the display in top smartphones and how this cost compares to the current price of the phone, this text will definitely interest you. We will also indicate in the material flagship modelswhich have gained the biggest price reduction in recent months and are currently an attractive shopping offer.

According to many studies conducted among smartphone users, the most common fault is display damage. This represents over 70% of all failures. A large proportion of consumers decide to take out telephone insurance, including free screen replacement service in case of damage. Unfortunately, some contracts have so-called legal tricks or various types of exclusions. The topic of interpretation of the provisions contained in these regulations has already been quite widely described on the Internet.

On this occasion, I am reminded of an old story, which briefly looks like this: if the phone falls out of the bus and the display breaks, the insurer will not cover the costs associated with the repair. It will be different if we are unfortunately pushed by a fellow passenger and the result will be a broken screen on the smartphone. In such a situation, the insurer should recognize our application and qualify the device for free repair. Another issue is the so-called incomplete damage, e.g. spider on display – in many cases not subject to free repair.

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Most of us try to protect our phones using different types of cases, glued hardened glasses to the screen, but even they do not guarantee 100% protection. Even such seemingly safe device may fall unfortunately so much that we will be forced to visit the site.

I remind you that companies during marketing campaigns or on the occasion of some pre-orders attach sometimes a package containing a one-time free display repair. It usually applies for 3, 6 or even 12 months after buying a smartphone. It is therefore worth looking for an offer in which manufacturers use this solution – from time to time there are periodic promotions.

It goes without saying that the most expensive screen replacement applies to devices having the highest market price. The leader in this segment is Samsung – the Fold model (at a price of usd 9,000), in which the internal screen costs usd 2,659 and the external one – usd 569.


The copy currently having the most expensive service related to the display repair is Galaxy Note 10+. The largest percentage share of the cost of screen replacement in the current price of the phone concerns the Galaxy S10e and is as much as 37%. However, this model has been subjected to a very significant reduction (by 27%) compared to the price from the market debut.

It seems that on the eve of the upcoming premiere of the S20 series, within a dozen or so weeks, all S10 models from the previous year should appear at slightly lower prices. Interestingly, during the repair of the screen in an authorized service center we are guaranteed a free battery change.



There are currently no data regarding screen replacement in Mate 30 Pro. I would like to remind you that the manufacturer in this model currently guarantees VIP Serwis, which includes a one-time free screen replacement in the event of damage within 6 months of purchase. From unofficial information that I was able to obtain, it appears that Huawei intends to approach the topic of Mate 30 Pro servicing very individually (pro-client).

The largest price correction today (by 40%) was covered by the Mate 20 Pro model, which debuted in 2018. The P30 offer (debut less than 10 months ago) looks very attractive, the purchase of which costs usd 2,299 – a reduction in comparison to premiere by 23%. Repairing the display in this copy costs usd 707.



The biggest fall in prices relative to the premiere applies Mi Mix 3 – almost 41%. It is worth paying attention to the offer of Mi Note 10 and Note 10 Pro, because until February 29, 2020 there is a promotion, including a one-time free repair of a damaged display (within 6 months of purchase) at a local Xiaomi Authorized Service Center.

Currently, Mi Note 10 can be purchased in the amount of usd 2,199, i.e. usd 300 (12%) less than the original price from the November Polish market debut.



The iPhone 11 models from 2019 have not undergone any price reduction so far. The biggest discount applies to generation 8 – Pro version, which currently appears in the amount of usd 2,849 – a decrease of 28% compared to the 2018 premiere


Other selected producers

One of the smallest ratio of screen replacement costs to the current price of the phone can boast Motorola One Zoom – only 18%.

There is already a delicate price correction in stores compared to the offer from the premiere (Q4 2019) of models Oppo: Reno 2 (4% reduction) Reno 2 Z (by 6%). We will probably have to wait a little longer for significant discounts in the Chinese manufacturer's portfolio.

In case of Sony, a significant reduction (14%) was subjected to the Xperia 5 model, which debuted at the IFA in September 2019. Unfortunately, it was not possible to determine the price of display replacement on Sony smartphones at an authorized CTDI service. The information received shows that the final amount of the repair depends on the individual valuation of the damage. It is a pity, because Xperia 1 has an OLED 4K HDR Cinema Wide screen, which probably is not the cheapest.

Other producers

Some regularity can be seen in the data in the individual tables. Models that debuted in Q1 2019 or in 2018 currently lose the most in value (exception S10 +). The situation is the opposite with smartphones presented on the Polish market in Q3 2019 and later. Most products from this period have undergone a small price adjustment or have not changed at all (Mate 30 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro, Note 10+).

Finally, I owe you three important explanations:

For the record, the cost of replacing the display in the infographics can be slightly reduced. On the market, we will find a wide range of services provided by various types of unauthorized websites. Let's assume, however, that we replaced the broken screen in an external service during the warranty period, and then after some time there was a problem with the motherboard in our smartphone. In this situation, the manufacturer has the right to refuse us a free repair (motherboard), because there has been a violation of the regulations – interference in the device of unauthorized persons by the guarantor. That is why I always recommend using the service provided by authorized points during the manufacturer's warranty period.

The total cost of the screen replacement service given in the infographics mainly depends on the spare part (display module) and the so-called labor. But it also involves the design of the phone itself, the use of additional parts, e.g. gaskets, frames, etc., and conducting a leakage test dedicated to IP certified devices.

The prices of smartphones provided in the infographics come from the largest retail chains and large online stores (as of 23.01.2020).