The computer market is booming with Windows 10

Sale of computers

The question is how long will this flourish last.

Windows 7 loses users, and Windows XP … gains. Of course, an increasing number of people also use Windows 10, which is reflected in the situation on the personal computer market. Suffice it to say that for the first time in seven years the downward sales trend of desktop computers has changed. The reason for this "revolution" is obvious. Windows 7 loses support on January 14, 2020, prompting many companies to change software, and thus hardware upgrades.

The analytical company Canalys reports that in the third quarter of 2019 around 71 million personal computers were bought worldwide. This is impressive an increase of approx. 5% relative to the previous quarter. Excellent sales results are due not only to Microsoft, but also … a new law in Japan. As a result of the change in sales tax, the demand for PCs in the country of cherry blossoms increased by as much as 55% in the third quarter of this year.

Experts are cautious in their forecasts and they don't promise that the boom for personal computers should last for a long time. The result is screwed not by consumer purchases, but by those made by companies. The production of these devices is also allegedly inhibited by processor manufacturers who are not able to keep up with the demand for these components.

According to the latest GfK research, gaming computers and thin and light notebooks are the driving force of the market. The market of these devices in the first half of this year increased by as much as 16%. Gaming monitors, which sales in the same period increased by 42%, are also very popular. The reason for reviving the market is also to be the falling prices of components, which translate into more attractive prices of devices.

Interestingly, Chromebooks are selling great recently in Western Europe. Sales of these devices in the period from July to August 2019 increased by as much as 27%. However, this is probably only seasonal growth, associated with large purchases in the education sector, where these devices are quite popular.

Despite the fact that sales in the world increased, sales results in Poland are consistently decreasing. Damian Godos from IDC reports that in the first half of this year the demand for laptops fell by 3.4%. The reason is especially lower demand for business notebooks. This is not a big surprise, because the life cycle of such devices in companies is getting longer.

Source: Digital RP