The cheap video recorder Navitel AR250 NV debuts in Polish stores

navitel ar250 NV price

An intriguing idea.

Car video recorder is a device that helps drivers in many cases prove their case before justice. Recorders of this type are not only a whip for careless or dishonest road users, but also a guardian of a car exposed to parking rubbing. A cheap video recorder, which is worth paying attention to, has just been launched in Poland.

Navitel AR250 NV is a video recorder costing only usd 129 using Night Vision technology. Equipped with a sensor that allows you to record movies in Full HD in 30 frames per second through a lens with a 4-layer glass lens with a 140-degree angle of view. The video recording device with H.264 encoding uses JL5601 processor and GC2063 optical sensor.

AR250 NV 1

Navitel equipment basically has all the functions that we could require from a video recorder. We have here both the camera mode (loop recording), parking mode, and the function of automatic protection of the recorded material in the event of a sharp braking or collision.

AR250 NV 3

The set includes a Navitel AR250 NV recorder, a suction cup holder, a car charger, a warranty card, a user manual and an annual license for the Navitel application for a smartphone or tablet, with a map of Europe.