The store suspends sales. What's happening?

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Problems of the popular smartphone seller.

Popular online store with electronics has stopped selling. It is unofficially known that a tax audit is in progress in the company. is famous for offering smartphones and consumer electronics at really competitive prices. The devices usually do not come from the official Polish distribution, and the company imports goods on its own. The store explains the origin of the goods in this way:

The goods come from Polish or European distribution. It complies with the PL / EU specification. It was marketed by one of the manufacturer's authorized distributors. Our company acts as an intermediary in the trading of goods between various entities on Polish territory, thus helping to obtain the most attractive prices for our customers.

Invoicing is also an important aspect. There is no shortage in the network that the store usually does not issue "full" VAT invoices, and buyers can only count on the "VAT margin" document. It is possible that this aspect was interested in the treasury. does not send phones and cancels orders

It looks like the store is currently experiencing major problems, the site is working but sales have been suspended. Also, all products have disappeared from the official Allegro account registered to the Slovak company Bestcena LTD. Customers are informed about fiscal control and withholding orders.

What's even worse, even people who have paid for orders cannot currently expect to send goods or a refund. The company explains that the bank accounts were blocked by the tax authorities.

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Also on Facebook there are comments illustrating the current situation of the store in a similar way.

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At the moment it is difficult to assess how things will go on. Unfortunately, many customers have remained on the ice, often spending considerable money on the ordered goods.

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