The best and most important memes of the passing decade – and what does your list look like?


Memes that you know and love.

This time flies. Will you believe that the second decade (!!!) of the 21st century is just ending? Until recently, Internet users were concerned about the problems that computers supposedly caused 2000 years. "Yesterday" we used modems, and every unnecessary downloaded megabyte was associated with the sadness of having to pay a much higher phone bill. On the eve of 2020, we do not regret the transfer to view often low flights of the creativity of Internet users. Creativity called memes.

In the sea of ​​mediocre, boring, hilarious and forcible memes, quite a lot of so-called "golden content" has appeared in the last 10 years. Memes have been with us for a long time – they usually entertain, at other times they force them to reflect. Here are the best memes of the past decade. You may disagree with me and put your suggestions in the comments.

The order is rather random.

1. Doge


Mem with the famous Shiba Inu dog on the Internet has already appeared at the beginning of the decade. The peak of popularity of the pooch named Kabosu falls, however, in 2013, when he conquered the world of pop culture. A flash in the eye, a "smiling" face and a specific look from the spot won the hearts of Internet users. Mem is often used to this day.

2. Sad Pepe – Pepe the Frog

Pepe the Frog

Symbol of all online losers. Icon of people with wasted life. That's him. The famous sad frog named Pepe. The frog coming from the Boy's Club comic published in 2005, created by an artist named Matt Furie, conquered the Internet in 2015. At that time, Pepe was posted primarily as "ultra-rare pepe" and – ironically – published in every other thread on internet forums as a joke. The frog was willingly processed and the most famous transformation became "sad Pepe", in English referred to as "feels bad man".

3. Press F to Pay Respects

Press F to Pay Respects

Press F to give respect is a slogan derived from the funeral ceremony in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which became the object of mockery of players in 2014. Lovers of virtual gameplay had enough of QTE (quick time events) and quickly made a mockery of a serious scene and lofty slogan. The slogan "Press F to Pay Respects" is used primarily as a not-so-serious expression of regret for a given situation encountered on the web or as a comment on someone's misfortune, which is not of great significance to the commentator.

4. Rage Comics

Rage Comics

Comics from 2008 and beginning with 4Chana were popularized in the network in 2012, when they were published everywhere. Trollface, megusta, FFFFUUUU – it's all one and the same meme, in different variants.

5. Ricardo Milos

Ricardo Milos

While Rick Roll, or Rick Astley was a great way to troll the Internet users in the first decade of the twentieth century, the end of the second decade of the twentieth century definitely belongs to Ricardo Milos. The Brazilian erotic dancer and his famous dance in 2018 were published everywhere. This smile is a body, these cat movements. Our boys lack slack and move like a coal cart.

6. Strange Pan from Stocku – Hide the Pain Harold

Hide the Pain Harold

It is difficult to unequivocally point to the peak period of popularity of the Hungarian András Arató, who is known on the Polish Internet as … an elderly man from Stocku. His photos began to be massively shared in 2011, but the peak of meme popularity probably falls in 2014. The hero of the memes even talked about the phenomenon of photos with his participation during TedX Talk in September 2018. This is certainly the most famous stock photo.

7. Harambe


A gorilla named Harambe made his short but intense episode in the world of memes in 2016. Some consider him a strongly forced meme to draw attention to the harm that humanity inflicts on animals. Others say that it is one of the most important memes of the decade, because it drew the world's attention to a significant problem. Either way, a gorilla killed at Brownsville Zoo in Gladys, Texas became one of the memes that made it to the public media.

8. Blinking White Guy

Blinking White Guy

The blinking guy is an example of a new generation of memes in which the whole essence is conveyed only through pictures. Drew Scanlon became a meme in 2017 and its popularity despite the passage of time does not decrease.

9. Galaxy Brain

Galaxy Brain

Oh, this meme was really loved by Poles. Mem laughs at pseudointelekualism by showing what perverse people do and what average people do.

meme 2

10. Surprised Pikachu – Surprised Pikachu

Surprised Pikachu

Puzzled Pikachu is a fairly fresh meme, which began to gain popularity in 2018. His understanding is extremely simple, which favored its use. The astonished expression on a pet expresses a reaction to idiotic action, the effect of which was obvious for everyone except the person mentioned while using the meme.

11. Distracted boyfriend – Distracted Boyfriend

distracted boyfriend

It is difficult to identify many memes that would enjoy so much interest from people who do not have much in common with memes on a daily basis. Photographs of a man with a partner looking after another woman on the street – to the obvious dissatisfaction of a partner – scrolled not only on televisions from around the world, but were eagerly used in the social media of celebrities.

12. Drakeposting


Two frames of Drake from the Hotline Bling video became a meme in 2016. Internet users used them to indicate their preferences regarding … basically everything.


13. Feels – Wojak


Another icon of the world of internet losing, symbolizing the enormous pain of existence that the comic hero hides deep inside. Originally, Wojak was used only seriously, as a symbol of serious emotions that should not be laughed at. Over time, however, various variations of Wojak appeared, who became Boomer, Zoomer and Doomer. This is one of the most universal and most frequently processed memes of this decade.

14. Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat

Another meme that was also popular among people who didn't have much in common with memes. A cat named Tardar Sauce appeared on the Internet in 2012. Few people know that his mouth expression was associated with a serious genetic disease that led to the premature death of a pet some time ago. Grumpy cat, despite his face, associated people well and was a really cute cat. That's probably why millions loved him.

15. Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat

Meme quite unusual, because it is basically limited to … songs. A song that made an 8-bit cat an online phenomenon.

16. Spider-Man from the 60s

60s Spider-Man

The famous frame from the 1960s cartoon has been used since 2011 on the Internet to this day as a method of mocking two sides of the dispute, whose arguments are worth more or less the same – nothing.

17. Adolf Hitler and a scene from the movie Fall

Hitler Reacts Downfall Parodies

We entered the second decade of the 21st century with a bang. The alterations of the scene from the Berlin bunker in which Adolf Hitler learns of Germany's imminent defeat in World War II were literally everywhere. The emotional speech of the Reich Führer was presented with dialogues "translated" in such a way that they caused tears, but … caused by laughter.

18. Interview with "El Risitas" – Spanish Laughing Guy

el risitas

Juan Joya Borja's contagious laughter from an interview conducted in 2007 went online in 2015. Already an original conversation with an artist who can't help laughing can laugh, but numerous alterations – similar to those of the meme with Adolf Hitler – could be even funnier. They were often commentary on current world events.