The artificial intelligence of Facebook will help you dress fashionably


New generation fashion advisor.

Admittedly, when it comes to artificial intelligence, scientists can find a wide variety of applications for it. We would never have thought of some of ourselves. We have already heard about artificial intelligence, which probably created the best whiskey in the world, artificial intelligence that will recognize the mood of the songOr artificial intelligence that can bake a digital pizza, and now there is one that will advise you how to dress.

Behind artificial intelligence – fashion advisor Facebook responds, which has not been playing with this type of technology for a long time. Some time ago, the company decided, for example, to train an AI assistant in … Minecraft.

Fashion ++, because that's what Facebook's latest artificial intelligence is called, it was trained based on thousands of photos of clothes defined as "fashionable". The system offers the user subtle suggestions – instead of forcing him to buy completely new clothes, he suggests changing one or two elements of a given set. These subtle suggestions may also consist of even simpler tips – to roll up the sleeves of a given piece of clothing or put a shirt in pants.


As Facebook notes, this type of artificial intelligence can in the future guarantee people a new way to share and develop styles that they like best. It even has the potential to help fashion designers create new trends.

Unfortunately, for now Facebook doesn't allow you to try out its latest work, but who knows if it's not just a matter of time. In the near future, the company intends to improve the system, even by expanding its training materials to include photos from social media such as Instagram.

Source: Facebook