The Apple A13 Bionic processor does not give competition a chance. Android smartphone users can only dream of such performance

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Improvements in subsequent generations of iPhones are not revolutionary, and many technologies go to the devices of the Cupertino manufacturer with a delay. In one respect, Apple's solutions are still unsurpassed – we are talking about processor performance.

iPhone 11 and 11 Pro are powered by the new chip A13 Bionic. The company shuns giving details about the specifications of the chips, during the presentation we learned that in terms of both CPU and CPU, it is the fastest processor for smartphones ever produced. The first tests show that this is true.

We designed the A13 Bionic, incorporating self-learning technology in every element. That is why no other smartphone provides comparable experience. Our chip is so fast, intelligent and efficient that it outperforms the rest of the range by years. And you with him. – we read on the Apple website.

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In the base Geekbench a device marked as iPhone 12.3 has been noticed and it is meant to be iPhone 11 Pro. The device has won 5472 points for one core and 13769 points in the multi-core test. The results definitely show a significant improvement in CPU, while you still have to wait for other tests to assess GPU and AI performance.
The benchmark also indicates that the smartphone works with iOS 13 and has 4 GB of RAM. The chipset's clock speed is 2.66 GHz, which is almost 7% more than 2.49 GHz on Apple A12.

iPhone 11 Pro GeekBench

iPhone 11 Pro GeekBench / Source:

These are the best results in the history of measurements. For comparison – Apple A12 achieved 4812 points for one core and 11280 points for a multi-core test.

The most powerful processor installed on Android smartphones is much worse.

Snapdragon 855+ reaches 3623 points (single-core test) and 11365 points (multi-core test).

As you can see, Apple can be criticized for its absurd pricing policy, but there are aspects that leave the competition far behind.