That's insolence. Update Windows 7 removes wallpapers from the desktop

Windows 7 no wallpaper black background

Chance or intentional action?

Intentional obstructing users from losing support software and "completely accidental bugs" appearing in programs that are no longer updated are not new. Not supported by Microsoft since January 14 this year, Windows 7 notifications about the need to update the system already appear. Now the "bug" annoys users with these notifications.

The latest update for Windows 7 is not just patches. This is also in many cases problem with the possibility of using your own … wallpaper. amendments KB4534310 and KB4544314 they cause that wallpapers set by system users are changed to black background. It is certain that these culprits are these patches, because uninstalling them restores wallpaper to normal. Interestingly, this strange software behavior also affects people using wallpaper set by group policies.

You cannot say that uninstalling patches for Windows 7 is an effective solution to problems, because it contributes to the creation of more. These updates contain very important security patches that no one should ignore.

The scale of the phenomenon is apparently not small. The case is reported by a growing number of users of software created by the Redmond giant who are complaining about their experience about Reddit.

Microsoft – which is hardly surprising – has still not confirmed whether this is a deliberate act or a completely unintentional programming error. I guarantee you that if representatives of the giant comment on the matter, we will hear that it is "just a bug" and not a function. In any case, the company announced the end of support for the system, so the corrections will probably not be released …

Source: MSPowerUser, Reddit