Tesla cars will soon be talking to pedestrians – see a new feature in action


Elon Musk surprised again.

Tesla is probably the first car manufacturer in the world that creates its vehicles in such a way that they not only enable movement from point A to B and guarantee very good performance, but they were just … cool. Designers of the company belonging to Elon Musk often show a considerable sense of humor, which won the recognition of many people. Games with Atari in Tesla cars? Are. Possibility to play Cuphead on the steering wheel? Is. And these are only selected from a really large list of strange functions and easter eggs in the cars of this brand. The latest idea from the car manufacturer shows that Tesla will surprise us many times.

All Tesla cars will soon receive a software update that will bring them a bit closer to KITT from the Knight Rider series (is currently being auctioned at one of the GOCC auctions). Well, electric vehicles will be able to speak to passersby passing nearby. A novelty on his Twitter appeared Elon Musk, who wrote on the occasion that Tesle will be able to "talk" to pedestrians if the driver wishes.

From the external speaker of the Tesla Model 3 car, which was presented in the above recording, words are flowing "Well, don't just stand there staring, hop in"that can be loosely translated as "hey, don't stand and stare, jump in". This speaker has been added due to new regulations in the United States and the European Union. All electric cars traveling at speeds up to 30 km / h must now play a sound to alert inattentive pedestrians.

It is difficult to say exactly how the new function will work. The driver will probably be responsible for recording sounds. Alternatively, Tesla will provide a set of funny sayings that can be played in public space. These can probably be activated autonomously or manually.

Well … why not? On the one hand, it will definitely be funnier. On the other hand, it will certainly be louder. This is not what city dwellers want, right? But what in such a situation to say about emitters strange sounds of electriciansmoving in a built-up area? After all, you can go crazy from this wheeze – the sounds proposed by various car manufacturers will irritate many in the long run.