SwiftKey users furious. It is a new update that limits important functionality

swiftkey activation 1

Do you agree?

SwiftKey is one of the most popular keyboards for Android and iOS devices. A few days ago, the service was significantly updated, which delighted many users. However, it is worth looking at another group of consumers – according to them, the novelty introduced by developers significantly reduces the comfort of using the application.

Of course, this is an "improved" function bar with shortcuts. Until now, users could not configure the tools on it. You had to slide your finger until you came across an interesting function. Now things have changed.

swiftkey update 1

SwiftKey now allows you to customize the toolbar to your individual preferences. Everything seems great. There are two issues, however. First – developers impose the presence of a support / help button, so of the five icons present on the bar, only four can be set.

It is another drawback taken the option of sliding your finger in search of the function you need. Now you have to adjust the icons on the bar every time, which can be a plus for some, and others can therefore switch to competing keyboards. The network has extreme opinions about the new update, so we'll be happy to hear your opinion.

Source: Android Police