Surviving Mars for free – hurry up. We know more free titles

Surviving Mars for free

Will you like Epic Games?

Epic Games encourages the installation of its digital distribution platform with another free game. This time she is her Surviving Mars, which is a nice city builder in a science fiction atmosphere. You can assign the title for free to your game library only until October 17when it becomes available free of charge Observer and Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

In Surving Mars, you'll face the challenge of colonizing Mars. You will do this by creating and developing a thriving colony on the Red Planet. You will not only need to extract natural resources, but also provide conditions for the survival of terrestrial civilization. Attention is drawn to thought-out and realistic gameplay mechanics and nice graphics. The average Metacritic title rating is currently 76/100 for the PC version.

To pick up Surviving Mars for free
, simply register – if you haven't already done so – in the Epic Games store and run the Epic Games Launcher application. Next, you should direct your steps to the shop section and search for Surviving Mars. You will be able to add the title to your cart and complete the transaction without incurring any fees. You can also add the game to your account from a web browser, here.

Have fun!