Super Hit Baseball – extremely irritating and … draws (game review)

Super Hit Baseball

A sports title that raises extreme emotions.

Developing the right level of difficulty in games is a real challenge. Too low quickly gets bored and doesn't involve players. Too high will cause frustration and discouragement. This is of particular importance in the mobile market, where we can take part in the whole sea of ​​(more or less successful) productions.

Super Hit Baseball – short baseball matches with other players

Price: usd 0 / Enables in-app purchases / In-app products: usd 4.99 – usd 479.99 per item / Android: 5.0 and newer
Super Hit Baseball "width =" 128 "height =" 128Super Hit Baseball is a sports game whose creators approached the level of difficulty in a very interesting way. We play short baseball matches with other players. The control boils down to hitting the screen with your finger at the right moment – so as to knock the ball to a certain place. Sounds trivial? Try to win several matches in a row.

We are always on the striking side during matches. The knocked out ball must hit the scoring fields (thanks to which we gain more bases). The layout changes with each round. In addition to the "out" fields, we must also try to bypass the opponent's player. All this turns out to be a really difficult task.

Every failed hit (and there are a whole lot of them) is frustrating, but there is also something addictive in this title. Simple mechanics based on reflection makes Super Hit Baseball great during a short break. Hitting several points in a row several times in a row gives you a lot of satisfaction and encourages you to fight again. In the game there were also elements related to team building and development of our players.

Super Hit Baseball is a nice game that is worth trying out. However, you need to spend a long time to train as decent beats. Only for patients.

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