Substitutes in GTA V? Yes, this is an unusual parody of the top of the cult series [wideo]


The headlamp was recreated in Rockstar's game.

If you belong to a group of people who remember the times of the Polish People's Republic or regularly watched (or are still watching) TV channels broadcasting everyday Polish series and films from years ago, you probably know such a classic as "Alternators". Well, this series has long gained the name of a cult. However, regardless of whether you know her or not, you must see the interesting parody of its forefront – a parody that was created in the game GTA V.

Players have often shown how many things can be done in video games in addition to the activities that the developers of these productions provided for players – besides killing opponents, exploring the world, completing tasks or conducting conversations with NPCs. For example, many people at one time recorded their own movies or series in Sims 2. Unusual, often funny, video materials have also been created in many other games. A parody of the headline of the Alternate series is one example of such material. Its author is a YouTube user with the nickname MarburgPL.

No mods were used to recreate the lead. The game itself has a director mode that allows you to freely manipulate the camera. The parody features properly styled main characters of the game, as well as characters from further plans. As the saying goes, you can see a lot of work. See for yourself:

Of course, it is worth recalling that Alternates is a Polish comedy series broadcasted by Stanisław Bareja, which was broadcast on TVP1 from October 18, 1987 to February 12, 1988. Actors such as Mieczysław Hryniewicz, Ewa Błaszczyk, Bronisław Pawlik, Piotr Pręgowski, Kazimierz Kaczor, Irena Kwiatkowska, Wojciech Pokora, Krzysztof Kowalewski, Marian Opania, Artur Barcis and Janusz Rewiński starred in it.

What is the plot of the series? In short, it revolves mainly around employees of the Warsaw Taxi Company. Jacek Żytkiewicz, one of the taxi drivers, drives a close Fiat Blue 125p auction with an experienced partner Stanisław Lesiak. Unfortunately, during the last course before the auction, the helicopter monument of the Winning Mouse of Progress and Tradition falls on the car. As a result, Lesiak goes to the hospital and Żytkiewicz receives a new car. Meanwhile, Marian Koniuszka becomes a new substitute for Żytkiewicz, and in fact Katarzyna Piórecka disguised as him, who was not admitted to work due to her gender under her real name. The comedy of mistakes begins.

Although the substitutes are already several dozen years old, the replays of the series can still be watched on television. Currently they are displayed on TVP Kultura and TVP Historia channels.

Source: YouTube