String on AirPods for 230 usd? Apple fans will buy anyway

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Or maybe it is an emojimistic gadget?

What is the main advantage of having TWS headphones? Of course, they are "truly wireless". If you feel lost, I will explain briefly. Wireless headphones can be divided into those that connect together a cable (in which, for example, a battery) and those that do not have this cable. An example of TWS headphones are even affordable Redmi AirDots and the famous Apple AirPods. Various "strings" for connecting both headphones are becoming increasingly popular accessory for Apple headphones. Extremely expensive strings.

Apple followers will push everything – just set the price

Amazon and Nordstorm have launched an accessory valued at 1/3 of the AirPods price, i.e. $ 60 (approx. usd 230)whose only task is to connect AirPods with a piece of wire. For what? In order not to lose them. According to research, AirPods users are worried that one day they will simply lose any pair of headphones. In fact, some people wear headphones while holding them in their ears so that they do not fall out.

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Mem has become a reality

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I know that in the light of the above information someone will immediately shout that it is "A GIRL SOLUTION" (I'm waiting for colleagues from the industry from a "spider" website) and … I won't even argue with him. After all, buying a piece of string for usd 230 for TWS headphones, which one of the basic advantages is the lack of any wiring is a great move. After all, there are no better-selling headphones than AirPods on sale that are connected with a cable, right?

airpods meme

If you think that this type of accessory priced at usd 230 is a nice gadgetI have a better solution for you. Tie your AirPods with laces for 4 zlotys. The functionality will remain the same and the aesthetics will remain at a similar level. Buy yourself for the saved usd 226 30W USB-C adapter for your iPhone, which in 2019 is still sold with a 5W charger. I assume that AirPods are only bought by users of the same brand. Rightly?