Steam will suggest games you should play

suggesting steam 1

A useful feature?

Valve regularly tests features that will ultimately hit the Steam platform. Experiments are carried out in a special hailed place "Steam Labs", which debuted in July last year. As it turns out, the developers started testing another interesting novelty.

We are talking about "Next Game", which is a system of suggesting production that we should play. It's not about proposing games from a digital store, but … from our own library. After logging in to the platform, the algorithm will randomly draw three items we have, but for some reasons we have not started yet.

After hovering over the game thumbnail, the trailer will be played. If no suggestion interests us, we will be invited to a slightly more advanced section. There will be 12 productions we have never played in it (unless you don't find so many of them).

Valve predicted that we could play some positions on other platforms. For this reason, we will receive a short survey to complete, where we will highlight this small fact. Steam will then stop offering us the production.

It is not known when the new will hit public servers – maybe Valve will never decide to implement it.

Source: Valve