Steam: Remote Play Together now works! How to play local co-op via the Internet?


Players have been waiting for this function for a long time.

Have you ever dreamed of playing, for example, LEGO games and titles such as Cuphead or Spelunky, offering only local multiplayer, with a friend who lives at the other end of the world? Now you can make this dream come true. The "Remote Play Together" feature, which allows you to play on the Internet in productions with only a local multiplayer, came out of beta testing and officially debuted on Steam.

Using the "Remote Play Together" function looks like a split screen sofa game, the so-called spleet screen. While playing, each player sees not only his screen, but also screens from the game of the people with whom he plays. In addition to the picture, audio and their voices are streamed between players. Relax, Steam doesn't allow players' desktop or any other top secret stuff to be streamed.

"Remote Play Together" allows up to four players to play together. Best of all, for all four players to be able to play the selected title together, it is enough for one person to have that title. Such a person must start their game, and then on the friends list, right-click on the selected player and select "Remote Play Together, inviting him.

remote play instruction

The "Remote Play Together" function can be used on both personal computers (with Windows, macOS or Linux) and mobile devices with iOS and Android. Remember, however, to these mobile devices Download the Steam Link app. It also seems that if you have a Steam Link device, you can use this feature by streaming your game to the TV.

It is worth adding that on the occasion of the debut of the "Remote Play Together" function Steam has organized a special sale of games in which this feature will be useful. Overpriced titles include such productions as Overcooked !, Guacamelee !, Spelunky, Wizard of Legend, Moon Hunters, Goat Simulator and many LEGO games – LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, LEGO Batman, LEGO Jurassic World, LEGO Harry Potter, and not only. To take advantage of the sale, go here.

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Remember that both the Steam application and Steam Link can be downloaded via our application database.

Source: Steam