SSD prices are regularly falling. One gigabyte for less than 50 grosze

Plextor M9Pe

Consumers can be satisfied.

The fourth quarter of this year brought us record low SSD prices. Calculated per gigabyte, prices of carriers with SATA interface have already fallen below 50 grosze, and definitely faster SSD PCIe are very close to this border.

It is worth recalling that for years the main argument in favor of classic disk drives was their low price compared to SSDs. Fortunately for consumers, this difference has narrowed every month in the last two years, but the key year on the storage market was the last year in which solid state drives clearly declined.

There is another important trend on the market. Major changes have occurred between disk prices SATA SSD and PCIe SSD. PCIe media was clearly more expensive than SATA models, but the drop in prices of flash memory chips and prices of PCIe controllers meant that this difference clearly decreased. Currently it is about 20-25 grosze per 1 GB.

While the trend associated with the continuous decline in SSD prices is nothing new, it is worth noting that in the fourth quarter of 2019 they reached a record level.

For example – in October 2018 for 512 GB PCIe SSD, you had to pay about 560 zlotys, while exactly a year later prices for this type of component dropped to about 300 zlotys. Calculated, this gives about 58 grosze per 1 GB.

The experts of the portal DigiTimes already in March 2019 predicted that by the end of the year PCIe drives would get up to 50 percent. SSD market. If these trends persist, the dominance of definitely faster and more efficient carriers on the market is only a matter of time.