Spotify Wrapped 2019 – check your musical summary of the year

spotify wrapped 2019

Interesting data.

THIS moment has just arrived! The moment when the music service Spotify offers the opportunity to review your musical summary of the passing year. Spotify Wrapped 2019 is unique because it also allows you to view statistics from the entire past decade of using the website.

Spotify Wrapped 2019 is the best summary so far

How can Spotify automatically prepare your musical summary of the year and decade? Just go to specially prepared Spotify siteand then log in to the service. Spotify Wrapped will be prepared in a few seconds. Note here: For unknown reasons, Wrapped works very poorly on Chrome. Use your browser for your own good Firefox or other.

spotify wrapped 1

Spotify Wrapped 2019 is a handful of extremely interesting statistics, presented in a very nice graphic style. All images are accompanied not only by numbers, but also by music. You will find out which songs and performers you listened to most often and which music genres accompany you every day. It was interesting to me that for the last 12 months I listened to artists from as many as … 54 countries around the world.

spotify wrapped 2

At the same time, I learned that I listened to music much less than in previous years. In 2020 I want to change this trend!

spotify wrapped 3

Did you find any interesting data in your summary? Let me know!