Spotify will allow you to create a music playlist for … your dog

spotify pets 1


I have to admit that I'm not entirely sure how to approach the topic of this article. Spotify decided to add to their platform … mThe ability to create music playlists especially for our pets. This is one of those "funny" news that aims to … well – what?

In order to create a playlist for 'our best friends', you must go HERE and choose one of the options – cat, dog, iguana, bird or hamster. Next we will be asked to define the animal's personality profile (energy, friendliness), adding a name and photo of a pet.

spotify pet 1

The Spotify generator finally "spits out" songs adapted to the character traits of our pet. Depending on what we have chosen, the songs will be slow or fast etc. I will try to play the music offered by the platform at home during the days and see how my dog ​​will react to it. I would not expect a revolution, however.

spotify pet 2

Of course, the function introduced by Spotify is marketing and viral. I can bet that on Instagram and Facebook lots of users will start sharing posts with lists of favorite songs of their cats or hamsters.

Source: Spotify