Spotify introduces a special kind of advertising for podcasts

spotify podcast ads 2

Podcasts are growing in strength.

Spotify last year it focused on podcasts. This type of content is growing more and more dynamically, which the creators of the most popular streaming platform are trying to use. The company has just announced its proprietary ad technology to encourage influencers to publish podcasts on the title service.

Spotify Podcast Ads – as the developed spot format is called – will be based on providing advertisers with detailed and anonymous information about users. We are talking about actual ad impressions, frequency of launching a given podcast, content range as well as age, gender and type of device used by the user.

spotify podcast ads 1

Of course, don't think that Spotify will allow all creators to use their technology. This honor will be given to people who decide to record podcasts only for the platform. The influencer will then be hooked up to Spotify Podcast Ads and will be able to advertise something during the episode. To all this, there is interactivity and building relationships between the creator and listeners.

The first advertisers became the Puma brand, which receives the above-mentioned information about users (of course, anonymous) as soon as the podcast is published. Spotify Podcast Ads are to be distinguished by "new measurements of a given podcast's target, which is a huge change for the entire industry." The platform wants to gain an advantage over other services all the time uncertain about the fresh content format.

Source: TechCrunch