SpaceX has started building Starship rockets – they will take humanity to Mars

spacex starship mk 2 construction

A step closer to space exploration.

The end of waiting. SpaceX Elona Muska began to build not one, but three of the most modern second generation Spaceship rockets. Spaceship MK 2 is 50 meters high, is equipped with three engines generating a thrust at the level of 12,000 kN and in the future is to facilitate humanity reaching not only the Moon, but also to Mars.

A drone recording of the construction site of two rockets at the Cocoa plant in Florida has been published on the network. It shows structures made of stainless steel towering over the rest of the environment, which will serve as the rocket hulls.

The third rocket is being developed in parallel at the Boca Chica plant in Texas. Elon Musk has recently announced that over the coming weeks, Starhopper Mk 2 suborbital tests will begin. Let's hope that he will repeat the success that previously reached the Starhopper prototype.

If the Mk 2 rocket tests go as planned, SpaceX will start building an even newer version of the Starship Mk 3 rocket next month.

Source: CNBC