Space tourism is becoming a reality

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A successful Blue Origin flight brings the company closer to its destination.

Business Blue Origin belonging to Jeff Bezos completed its suborbital mission on Thursday, December 11 this year. The project assumed successful launch and landing of the New Shephard rocket. Initial problems associated with bad weather conditions did not prevent the entire operation. Can Blue Origin already celebrate success? A successful New Shephard rocket test brings us closer to launching our first fully commercial space tours.

The New Shepherd is a rocket-booster that allows multiple use, thus reducing the price of space flights. The design passed the sixth successful test, it was launched from a space port in the desert of West Texas. New Shephard returned to the planet's surface 7 minutes and 25 seconds after launch. The special structure that brakes the rocket has meant that from the moment of launching to the moment of standing on the ground again just over 10 minutes have passed. A successful operation brings Jeff Bezos closer to the first manned flight. Currently, New Shephard starts only with a cargo load, which includes life support systems and other prosaic things, such as cards sent by students to the company.

However, the future of Blue Origin is space commercial tourism. When passengers are aboard the rocket's orbit, they can count on acceleration to about 2,200 kilometers per hour. After the capsule has separated from the rocket, space tourists will be about 340,000 feet above the ground (about 103 kilometers), already above the Karman Line, which is widely regarded as the last barrier before entering space. At this time each person will experience weightlessness.

At the moment, it is not known how much you will have to pay for the ticket to be on board the capsule carried above the ground by the New Shepherd rocket. However, you suspect it will be entertainment reserved only for the richest.

Source: Blue Origin