Sony presents the IMX686 photo sensor. It will hit flagships in 2020

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What can the new Japanese technology do?

For several months, rumors have been spreading to the network about a new, mobile photographic sensor from Sony. It turns out that the naming of the system has been confirmed – we will actually deal with it with the IMX686 model. The Japanese manufacturer decided to use the Weibo website to share a short trailer presenting the possibilities of the said technology. The film contains sample shots made with a new generation image sensor.

Sony, however, was not eager to issue an official press release related to the IMX686 sensor – therefore we have not yet learned the official specifications of the sensor itself. However, all this probably remains only a matter of time. The Japanese will probably also add from themselves official samples made with IMX686.

Sony IMX686 is not yet available on any smartphone on the market – the sensor will begin to hit the phones that will be presented throughout 2020. Sample photos contained in the movie from the Weibo website show, however, that the sensor will be able to provide very detailed images in virtually any lighting conditions. Interestingly, the image sensor itself will also be available in a wide-angle version – the latest fashion that appeared in mobile devices.

The IMX686 numbering indicates that the Sony sensor itself is the direct successor of the IMX685, which was originally presented by the manufacturer in 2018. It has been used in many flagship smartphones and some medium-sized devices designed to provide users with the best possible photographic experience.

According to leaks, the first smartphones with Sony IMX686 sensors are to be devices such as Huawei Nova 6, OPPO Reno 3v and Vivo X30 Pro. Analysts estimate that the sensor itself will be able to take photographs at a resolution of over 60 megapixels.

There is nothing left but to wait for Sony to reveal the rest of the details of its new technology.

Source: GizmoChina